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    About us

    About us

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    About us


     Nanjing Y Bio-pharmaceutical Inc.  is a high-tech enterperise and commitment to develop high-end

    pharmaceutical intermediates by biological and chemical technology.Headquarter of the company is located in Nanjing overseea Chinese industrial Park.The leader of the company is recruited by Nanjing government "321 plan",who ahd worked at Harvard Medical School for many years as scientist withPh.D.Degree.The company has several subsidiaries including specialized international trade company,manufacture site,distributing company in USA.

         R&D team of Y Bio-Pharmaceutical is intensified by several senior scientists with Ph.D.degree in biology,organic synthesls,snd process development field.The Company has established extensiv collaboration relationship with famous universities in China and overseas.

         Y Bio-Pharmaceutical had developed several series biochemical products,non-natural amino acids series products,such as L-tert-leucine,biotransformation auxiliary series products,such as NAD+ and  formate dehydrogenase.We are determined to provide high quality pharmaceutical intermediates to pharmaceutical enterprises and biotransformation auxiliary series products to enterprises which are working on biotransformation technology to manufacture pharmaceutical intermediates around the world,Our efforts promote green industry development and delivering sustainable value to our customers.